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1,300 new supporting Advisers since 2020


Growth in AU FUM since 2020

Investment principles founded on active management and engagement


Milford was formed in 2003 to provide New Zealanders with a world class investment partner they can trust.

Today, the team has grown to over 180 individuals across offices in Australia and New Zealand. Their purpose is to grow the wealth of their clients and make a positive contribution to the community..

In 2017 Milford launched the Australian Absolute Growth Fund with a mission to grow their support in Australia.

“The Adviser Ratings data, CRM and fund flow reporting service has been instrumental in our sales and marketing efforts at Milford when launching our products in the Australian Adviser market”

  Regan van Berlo

   Head of Distribution
   New South Wales

The Challenge:

In 2019 Milford launched their Dynamic Small Companies Fund and started to grow their distribution team. Data became a key focus for the team to enable their Australian growth strategy, it was clear that the team needed:

  • A regular AU Adviser contact and insight data feed to enable targeted campaign strategies.
  • A CRM integrated with Adviser dataset and Milford flow data, integrated with the existing Campaign application.

The Solution:

Adviser Ratings was engaged in 2019 as Milford’s preferred data provider. Data was used for segmentation in sales and marketing strategies to drive the growth of the new Dynamic Small Companies Fund and the Absolute Growth Fund with Australian Advisers.

Services provided:

  • Once the CRM of choice was launched in 2021 with the Aus business, Adviser Ratings set to work on the configuration of the platform using best in market solution design, enabling comprehensive reporting and dashboarding to establish an opportunity pipeline and display team performance.

  • Adviser Ratings services included:
    1. CRM build/configuration
    2. Adviser data ingested quarterly to CRM
    3. Monthly fund flow reporting
    4. CRM support

The Result

The introduction of the Adviser Ratings integrated data solution marked a pivotal moment in the growth journey of Milford as the business expanded its presence from NZ to the AU market. Milford has experienced success in sales and marketing operations, supported by seamlessly integrated Adviser data and fund flow reporting in the CRM system,

The wealth of insights and meticulously updated information provided by Adviser Ratings has empowered the growing distribution team to elevate their preparedness, target client contact with precision and seamlessly adapt to evolving market dynamics. This insight has been instrumental in supporting the growth in the Aussie Market.

The Adviser Ratings data and services remains integral to Milford’s ongoing success and will continue to propel Milford forward with confidence and effectiveness.

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